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This is Mr. Johnson, I want you to cancel the Serta sale.

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  2005.09.05  06.25



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  2004.08.15  22.32

Made some accepted/rejected stamps =)

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Hope you like them.


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  2004.08.15  17.51
Layout help...

If anyone here could help me with like the layout of this and stuff that would be great... Thanks!


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  2004.08.15  15.38

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  2004.08.15  16.32
i just joined

Name: Minta
Age: 14
Location: new hampshire
Gender: girl
Grade: 9th
Status: freshman?
Pick a word to describe yourself: marshmallow
Hobbies: piano, swimming
A childhood memory: going to chuckie cheeses and it being empty
Random fact about yourself:i wear shoe size ten


Movie: this is spinal tap
Singer/Band: franz ferdinand, but it changes daily
Color: blue
Actor/Actress: domonic manohagn
Store: hot topics pretty cool, but pretty much anywhere with really random stuff
Musical: grease
Song: bike- pink floyd
Quote: Someday your prince charming will come. Mine just took a wrong turn, got lost, and is too stubborn to ask for directions.
TV show: just shoot me and the simpsons
Music: 60's and 70's rock
Book: harry potter and the goblet of fire
Game: the sims
Word: blue tuesday, ok thats more of a phrase, but i still like it


Religion [opinions/beliefs]:i don't have a religon
Eating Disorders: i think that eating disorders are a big deal, if soemone is so uncomfortable with there body that they keep themselves form eatin gor binge, than they need some help.
George Bush: Save the enviornment, plant a Bush back in texas
Gay Marriage/Homosexuality: i am totally for it. I think this is there lives, and htough i'm not homosexual myself, they should be able to decied what they want to do, not the church, the state, or the rest of the world.
Abortion: if someone relaly thinks they don't wont to have a child, then i belive that to a certain age the child is developing they should be albe to give and abortion.
Drugs: um, drugs are pretty bad.
Suicide: sucide is also horrible
Labels: idk, lables, idk, they can make people feel good and bad
Rating Communities: wha?
Premarital Sex: i don't know... i would have to think about htat
Love At First Sight: hmmm, i think that just means u fall for looks and that is really stupid. u should get to know someone before u like them.
The word "retarded" or the phrase "that's retarded": i don't say it. but i don't actually think aobu t it either

How'd you find out about Serta_Mattress?:i saw it on hte teen girl squad thingy
What song do you feel relates to your life/why?: um... she will be loved by maroon five.
What's one thing that you've learned about life?: that it goes on
What do you think is your most attractive feature?: my eyes
What makes you smile: lots of stuff. people i like, funny things, sweet things, random acts of kindness, and the boy i like
If you were in a movie, which movie would it be? a fantasy love story one, where the boy finally falls for the girl, i don't know what ir would be called

What do you think is the funniest part of Mad TV? idk, all i've ever seen is stuart, but tahts pretty funny

Do you like... [yes or no].
Unicorns: yea
Toasters: no, i hate toast
Moose: yea
Cheese: sometimes
Musicals: yea, there really funny and confuseing
George W. Bush: no
President Clinton:um, i guess not that much
Lucky Charms: haha yea
Cartoons: the ones that aren't stupid
Disney: yea, intill it got relaly commercial, the magic is going away
MxC [do you even know what that is?]: nooo what is it?
Stuart: haha yea
Fastball: um, what
Harry Potter: yea
Paint:mmmm hmmmm
Pens:pens are awesome
Llamas: he he yea
Pictures: yes
Tobey Maguire: hes cute
Jake Gyllenhaal: yea
Shiny Things: of course
Things That Fly: yes
Donnie Darko: um, i'm trying to figure out what that is
Spiderman: yes

Are you Funny? usually when i'm not trying to be
Intelligent? yes
Witty? yea sometimes
Talented? yes
Unique? defeinetly
Quiet? no
Loud? yea
Mature? most of the time

Link to something funny: http://www.big-bunny.com/bun01.htm

Where did you promote this community?: um,how do i do htat

Put some pictures of yourself: how do i do that too?


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  2004.08.15  12.57
my application

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  2004.08.15  02.17

hey... This is Justina. I was bored and decided to make a community... just as a Serta commercial was playing on tv. So that's the story.

Well, I'm just testing this out so fill out the application and join!

Mood: creative

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